MEPAP Part 2

MEPAP Part 2

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This course has two phases. The first is the instructional portion where you will receive assignments such as reading, quizzes, online forum, group assignments, research and exams. The second is the practicum or practical application. Students have one year to finish the classes but may finish them as early as 9 weeks from start date.

During the instructional phase, there will be reading assignments given for each core content area. After reading each, you will be required to take a quiz to test your comprehension of the material read. There will be two exams given, the Midterm and the Final Exam. All quizzes, tests and exams will be conducted online.

The practicum program provides the student with an opportunity to apply the theoretical and philosophical foundations of the profession in a practical setting. Knowledge, skills and abilities are learned in the workplace under the supervision of both agency and faculty supervisors. There are 90 hours of practical experience which must be completed after the instructional portion is completed.


Two payment options available. Pay MEPAP 2 in full at $500 OR pay in two installments. Send check or money order to address on registration.


For the payment plan option, students will make a first payment of half the total amount plus the $75 fee. The balance payment must be made within 30 days. If the payment is not received on time, an additional late fee will be applied. Please refer to the Registration & Policies document for more information.